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Make Free Calls In India to Any NUMBER Totally Free !!!!!

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Make Free Calls In India {Free Calling Trick}

As i say in my previous post this is a trick of free calling in india. With help of this trick you can call any where in india and the most amazing part of this trick is that you can call without internet.
Most of the free calling websites use VoIP but in india not every has connected to internet all the time SO with this trick you can call without internet and without paying any cost.
This site allows you to make call without any subscription or ads.You just have to register on their website and don't worry registration for has only 3 fields so after filling these 3 fields you can make free calls all over the india without internet.

This is the site my friends.after registration on their site you can make calls for free.So how does it work?
As you all know that many sites charge for online call but when you make call on GO HERE,they will call you and on call they will connect the other number which you want to connect by doing that the both number ( you and the person whom you are calling ) are connected Because on both side it pretend to be an incoming call so no one of you will be charged. Thats how THIS SITE works.You can call any one and they will get incoming call from an unknown number so your number has been kept private.This could be fun but don't use it in wrong way because they record your ip ( Internet Protocall ) address all the time so use this service for good things like free calling.   
The best part of This Site is that after dialing number on their website you not need to stay connect to the internet But their is some restrictions on THIS SITE as well.You can't make more than 10 calls per day and all call has a time limit of 60 Seconds.I know this is not unlimited but there is better to have something than nothing.

Feature of SITE

1. Easy To Use Website.

2. No Need To Download Any Client.

3. No Ads On Calling.

4. Best Way To Make Number Private.

Steps :-

1. Register Yourself On Their Website From HERE.

2. They Will Send Your Password On Your Mobile Via SMS So Please Don't use Fake Number.

3. Now Log In On Their Website And Start Free Calling.


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