Saturday, 10 August 2013

How To Hide / Remove Last Name From Facebook Account - Full Tutorial With Screenshot

So guys I am going to show you today an awesome trick by which you can definitely shock your friends !!!
Have you ever tried to remove or hide your last name from your facebook profile ??
Never , OK so you will get the following message if you will try :

                     last name required error1

Now how do you remove last or middle name . Now this is trick . I will show you step by step

1. Download Mozilla Firefox . Most of you would have it . If not please Go here .
2. Now Go to this Site ----> Click Here .
3. Search for a proxy in “Indonesia” with Port no. “8080″ and all other settings as sown in figure below. (Click to see an enlarged image).

get Indonesian proxy1

4. Now make note of the first IP address.
hide last name Facebook proxy list1

Now Go to Firefox > Options > Options

mozilla firefox options1

6. Now Select Advanced > Network > Settings

firefox advanced network settings1

7. Select Manual proxy configuration and enter the proxy you noted in step(4) in HTTP Proxy field and 8080 in Port. Also mark “Use this proxy server for all protocols”. Type the same IP address in the “No Proxy” box and press ok.

connection settings to remove last name from facebook profile1

8. Now login to your Facebook account, go to account settings and change the language to
Bahasa Indonesia. Now try to remove your last name and see the magic. Facebook allows you to save your name without the last name.

9. Now change the language back to whatever you want.

See in my profile there is no last name :)
You can also visit my profile for proof Click Here

If u have any kind of problem please comment below :)


  1. You can do this a lot easier just putting your middle name in the last name spot

  2. And what if somebody do not want to put neither middle nor last name ?